Retail & Wholesale

Supermarkets and Hyper Markets

Our Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, and Department Stores, now under the umbrella of “Talal Market,” comprise the retail division of Talal group. We also operate our minimarts and convenience stores under the name, Yallamart. We provide a wide assortment of Groceries, food items, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Electronics, Garments, Household items, and much more. Our selection of products is of the highest quality, which we provide at the best prices for our customers’ benefit. With a proven record of three decades of excellence in the retail sector, Talal Market has widened its reach in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman with a strength of more than 65 outlets and has been growing ever since. Our retail outlets, specially designed to ease the consumer shopping journey, are served by our well-trained staff to delight our customers.

Talal Wholesalers

The market at your fingertips

With its initial success in Qatar, our wholesale division offers various fast-moving consumer goods that are in demand and widely required by the UAE consumer market. With our new Umm Al Quwain branch, we now distribute our goods to hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and catering businesses that need a fast and convenient delivery with a responsive and reliable customer service. We offer a highly personalized & direct client experience, and our customers can benefit from price savings due to our bulk procurements. With our expertise and skillsets from our retail outlets, we channel all our efforts into our wholesale division, which is why we aim to become the top FMCG distributor in the UAE. Our sales and delivery team is ready around the clock to take orders and satisfy every customer’s requirements.

Our Products Offered Range From :

  • Frozen products
  • Beverages
  • Pulses & spices
  • Dry foods
  • Rice & Flour
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning products
  • Disposables & household products

we offer a highly personalized & direct customer experience and our sales team will be ready to take your orders to satisfy your requirements.
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Talal Souq

Umm al Quwain branch

Contact Details:
+971 565333326
+971 565333327

New Talal Trading Qatar

Qatar Branch

Contact Details:
+974 44493131

Restaurants and Cafes

It has been more than three decades since Talal Group engaged in the restaurant and catering business. Our restaurants pay homage to multiple cuisines parallel to the UAE’s diverse community, which is sure to reminisce tastes back home. We serve a variety of cuisines, such as Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, and more. The homely atmosphere, friendly and dedicated service from our well-trained staff, offers maximum satisfaction for our customers. Also, our cafes, located in multiple convenient locations, serve refreshments and snacks to customers looking for a quick bite.
Moreover, we have a stern focus on ingredient quality and kitchen hygiene to prepare the tastiest dishes. Home delivery and party order services are available in multiple branches.

Mobiles and Computers

Cell Point is our one-stop wholesale and retail hub for a wide range of the latest mobile phone devices, Accessories, Computers, Laptops, and Tablets. We are a certified dealer offering all well-known mobile devices and accessories with warranty options, at the best prices to satisfy our customers. We also provide mobile repair services which are undertaken by our qualified technicians.

Contact Details:

Deira Branch         :  04 2726506

Bur Dubai Branch :  04 3390155


Olive bakers supplies freshly baked items ranging from Arabic breads, cakes and sweets, bread varieties and many more confectionery items to our customers. Our diversified product range with over 150 different bakery items serves the UAE customer base’s growing needs. From the freshest ingredients to carefully curated baking processes, our bakery delivers freshly baked goods with a home-made touch and is sure to leave customers craving for more.

Olive Bakers production facility is located in Sharjah, Industrial Area 12

Contact Details:
06 5222660
06 5224666

Meat Trading

Fresh Meat and frozen foods distribution is another milestone of Talal Group. We provide hygienic fresh halal Meat of the highest quality, directly imported from India daily, and frozen food in our brand Al Mas and various other brands. Our products fulfill all halal requirements and quality marks and are readily available for wholesale supply.

Furthermore, we employ uncompromised quality levels and standards, specially designed Cold Store facilities, and cold store vehicles to transport Fresh Meat and frozen foods. the Our well connected and reliable distribution channel assures the smooth and fast distribution of our products throughout the UAE

Contact Details:

Frij Murar Branch         :  +971 565205259

Poultry Division

Our egg products division, Wadi Malabar egg trading, offers our own egg brands such as Alttay, al wadi, which are sourced naturally from farm grown hens. The eggs are processed with hygiene and quality controls and are packaged carefully to ensure product safety. The eggs offer a nutritious addition to the health-conscious customer and come in packaging of 6, 15, and 30, in brown and white variants.

Contact Details:

Wadi Malabar Egg Division
05 04108776


Talal group’s own jewellery brand, Talal gold offers the pathway to adornment and luxury. Our gold and silver ornaments are embedded with creative designs with a stern focus on quality and affordability. Whatever the occasion may be, Talal gold has an ornament suited for our customers. With 4 instore outlets in our hypermarkets in Ajman, Sharjah and Jebel Ali, our newest standalone store is ready to welcome customers in Jebel Ali Talal Plaza hypermarket.