Trading and Distribution

Household, Crockery, Garments, and Non food

Established in 2006, Our FMCG trading and distribution division, Fineway International Trading LLC, serves a diverse portfolio of foodstuff, beverages, household products, garments, and other essential consumer goods in the UAE & international markets. Fineway is committed to providing products and services with excellent quality and value to improve our customers’ daily consumption experience.

Fineway has successfully brought several international products and services to the Gulf region. Their customer base has crossed thousands, ranging from hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries, wholesalers, hotel chains, and restaurants in the UAE and Qatar. By focusing on the customers’ requirements and strengthening their competitive position and performance, Fineway International readily serves customers with the same values Talal Group represents.

Fineway has exclusive divisions of top-quality kitchen wares, household products, and quality readymade garments. The product lines extend to numerous segments served with a stern focus on quality and affordability.  Fineways brands such as Xpo, Traveler plus, Youngstyle, etc., are widely accepted in the market due to a high quality to cost ratio. The products are designed and manufactured with a series of quality control processes to assure excellent quality, functional designs, and value for money to the end consumer.

Moreover, Fineway’s portfolio also includes a wide selection of quality food products, such as rice items, pulses, pickles, ghee, oils, etc. Additionally, Fineway is the sole distributor for many international brands like Milma, Malabar Taste, Banno, Aura, Janapriyam Pickle, Aranya Honey, Festiva Tea, etc.

Some of Fineways popular brands:

Fineway’s warehousing and logistics operations are centered in DIP-2 and Logistics Village, Qatar.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Serving our retail segment with the freshest farm-grown produce, Talal’s fruits and vegetable trading division in Al Aweer delivers the same quality produce to the UAE market. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables of various seasonal varieties imported from across the local and international region. Due to our stern focus on produce quality, our suppliers are certified growers and producers who meet all quality standards required by their regulatory bodies. Our bulk procurements and operational quality offer competitive pricing to customers to deliver superior value.

Talal Fresh, Al Aweer

+971 56 520 5216

Fish, Meat, and Poultry

Fresh Meat and frozen foods distribution is another milestone of Talal Group. Our divisions provide hygienic fresh halal Meat of the highest quality, directly imported from India. We also supply fresh fish catches, which we procure daily for our seafood demand in our retail stores. Our products fulfill all halal requirements and quality marks and are readily available for wholesale supply. Our operations employ uncompromised quality levels and standards, specially designed cold Store facilities, and cold store vehicles to transport Fresh Meat and frozen foods. Our well-connected and reliable distribution channel assures the smooth and fast distribution of our products throughout the UAE.


Talal Meat Trading:

Deira, Frij murar:

+971 56-5205259

Poultry Division:

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Fish Division:

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Egg Division

Our Egg products division, Talal egg trading, and distribution L.L.C, offers Egg varieties of our own brands such as Al Ttay, Al Wadi & Faaz, which are sourced naturally from farm-grown hens. The Eggs are processed with top-of-the-range hygiene and quality controls and are packaged carefully to ensure product safety. The Eggs offer a nutritious addition to the health-conscious customer and come in packaging of 6, 15, and 30, in brown and white variants, and include Chicken, Duck, and Quail Eggs.

Talal Egg trading and distribution L.L.C

Umm Al Quwain, UAE

+971 50-4108776