Who We Are

About Talalgroup

Since its establishment in 1983, Talal Group has developed an exemplary network of retail and wholesale distribution channels, holds a diverse portfolio of offerings spanning industries, and is a trusted entity in the UAE market.

Talal Group has its prominent presence through its grocery chain establishments across the UAE, under the name “Talal Market.” The company engages in retail and wholesale distribution of groceries, Fresh & Frozen foodstuff, Meat, Eggs, Fresh produce, Garments, Mobiles, Accessories, Disposable items, Crockeries, and many more consumer goods.

Moreover, Talal Group also has a strong foothold in the Food and hospitality sector, consisting of multi-cuisine cafeterias & restaurants spanning across the emirates with 22 outlets and counting. Also, Talal Group has its own brands of bakery and roastery product ranges.

Additionally, Talal Group deals in FMCG distribution through its subsidiary, Fineway International, a multi-faceted company with a remarkable portfolio of widely accepted consumer brands.

Our portfolio also includes offerings in services such as Information Technology solutions, Interior design, MEP works & Automobile care. Furthermore, Talal group has offerings in Tours and Travels, Health and Fitness, Plastic Manufacturing, and Food Processing.

Our divisions aim to deliver superior satisfaction to our customers by being rooted in our foundational values of honesty, respect for individuals, and commitment to excellence.

Our Values

Our founders began our business with a genuine focus on consumers. Therefore, we take pride in our relationships with our customers that emerge from our core values which we place above all else. They are honesty, respect for individuals, and Commitment to excellence.


We aim to consistently deliver superior customer satisfaction through our stern focus on convenience, affordability, and inclusivity in our product and service offerings, which we achieve by staying rooted in our core values while following ethical business practices.


We consider our customers and employees as the two most important stakeholders responsible for our growth. Our vision is to be one of the largest conglomerates in the region that adds value in every sector for consumers and to be an employer that offers a better career choice to jobseekers.

Why we are Unique

We create fruitful relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and offering a unique customer experience fueled by exceptional quality and service. The better we know our customers and what is essential to them, the more we exceed expectations. Ultimately, Talal Group will always remain true to its core values and deliver excellence in every step forward.

We plan to continue our growth by expanding our current sectors and entering new sectors to diversify and improve our sustainability in the ever-changing market.

Our Business Principles:

  • Comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of customers
  • Transparent and independent relationships with partners
  • Rigorous bottom-up pricing approach to bid at the lowest possible price
  • Cost-effective funding structure
  • High-quality, culturally diverse, and empowered talent
  • Commitment to sustainability, health, safety, and corporate social responsibility
  • Commitment to Islamic (Sharia-compliant) activities

Our Numbers Now:


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