Our trading and distribution division, Fineway International Trading LLC, serves a diverse selection of foodstuff, household, and garments in the UAE & Qatar markets. We are committed to providing products and services with excellent quality and value to improve our customers’ daily consumption experience.

Fineway has been successful in bringing several international products and services to the Gulf region. Our customer base crossed 6000, ranging from hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries, wholesalers, hotel chains, and restaurants in the UAE and Qatar. We readily serve our customers with the same values we were founded by.

Fineways warehousing and logistics operations are centered in DIP-2 and Logistics Village, Qatar.

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Household, Crockery, Garments, and nonfood

Talal Group also has an exclusive division of top quality kitchen wares and household products serving multiple segments. Moreover, we also provide high-quality readymade garment products and various other nonfood goods in this division. Along with numerous leading brands, our brands such as Xpo, Traveller plus, Youngstyle, are widely accepted in the market due to a high quality to cost ratio. We are working hard to attain our goals of being one of the leading traders in this division. Our products are designed and manufactured with a series of quality control processes to assure excellent quality, innovative designs, and value for money to our customers.

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Plastics and Disposables

This division of Talal Group consists of plastic and disposable household products for food storage and disposal. Our high-quality products essential for day to day use, such as disposable kitchen wares, Aluminum containers, Aluminum foils, Disposable cups, Shopping bags, Trash bags, Tissues, and many more products are manufactured from leading companies in the industry locally and abroad. All our products are made with proper hygiene standards and are suitable for regular use at home or restaurants, hotels, and other commercial sectors. Our brands include Shalimar, Xpo, Talal tissues, and more.

Foodstuff Packaging

Talal Foodstuff Packing, the packing unit of Talal Group, offers extensive and cost-effective solutions to foodstuff packaging. With the depth of three decades of experience in the retail market, a professional team, and state of the art manufacturing facilities, we assure our customers the best quality of products and services.

We are widely accepted by the customers through Talal group’s retail outlets and in the local market. Our product reach is widening abroad through exports to other GCC countries as well.

TALAL Foodstuff Packing 

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